Umair Haque

What’s Happening to America? A Theocratic-Fascist Revolution

When a Fanatical 30% Suddenly Seizes Control of Your Society, It’s Called a Revolution.
By Umair Haque, May 2022

If you decide to read this article (which I recommend), be sure you have a strong drink close at hand! Click on the link below for the full article. The publisher, Medium, appears to allow a certain number of free articles to be read before you need a subscription, so most should be able to read it for free. Please send comments to: Dale Anderson

Article Excerpt
“What’s happening in America is a revolution. But it’s not a good one. Remember the Irani Revolution? The mullahs suddenly seized power from the Shah, backed by a militant faction of religious lunatics. And the next day, Iranis began to live under theocracy. What’s happening in America is a lot like that. A revolution, but not a forward moving one. Sometimes the wheel moves backwards — and crushes everyone under its path. This is such a time. America is having a totalitarian revolution, which combines all the flavours of social collapse, where theocrats, fascists, supremacist, and authoritarians have all made common cause, to slit democracy’s throat.

“Welcome to Americastan.”

A note from Dale Anderson of Choose Democracy Now

One of the commentators on American politics most frightening to read is Umair Haque. Mr. Haque was born in California in 1981 and lives in London and New York.  I began reading his articles about fascism emerging in United States in 2017 (published in Medium).  Mr. Haque has consistently warned that American’s lack of experience with authoritarianism and a general disinterest in understanding the nature of tyranny has left us unable to recognize what is happening before our eyes. His warnings have been brushed off as “alarmist” by commentators.

A brief website biography states that Mr. Haque is a popular media figure with over two hundred thousand followers on Twitter, appears on every major global news network, has been published or cited in nearly every major newspaper in the world, publishes at Medium, HBR, and Twitter, and speaks regularly to audiences, public and private across the world. 

He studied at McGill University in Canada, went on to earn an MBA at London Business School, and is the author of The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business (2011).