Our Purpose: Preserving Democracy

Mission: Preserve Democracy

Our Purpose

To provide an organizing platform for citizens to become Democracy Activists and work to preserve, protect and strengthen our democracy.


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Protecting our Democracy

Choose Democracy has been created to provide a resource for those wanting to step away from the sidelines and get actively involved in protecting our democracy.  

An unprecedented assault – Our nation has been reeling since the unprecedented assault on our democratic institutions by the prior President, his administration, his followers, his congressional co-conspirators and enablers, and radical right-wing donors. 

A stunned nation – The coordinated attempt to deny seating a duly elected President, through executive malfeasance and a violent attack on our capital has shocked and stunned our nation and allies abroad.

The assault continues – Despite achieving a transition of power to new leadership, the assault has not abated.  The powerful misinformation campaign from right-wing media continues as does the implementation of voter suppression laws, legislation to handcuff citizen protest, threats to use state power to punish dissenters, both individuals and businesses, and assaults on freedom of speech and assembly.

A call to action – True patriots, citizens who believe in and understand the difference between living in a robust democracy, and an autocracy must take action. All wanting to preserve, protect and strengthen our democracy to assure freedom for our children and grandchildren must step forward now. Pledge to choose democracy now!

Our inspiration to choose democracy

Our Inspiration

Preserving our democracy to assure freedom for our children and grandchildren. 

The greatest crisis confronting humanity today is arguably the rapid degeneration of democratic institutions in every major region of the world.

The Fascism This Time: The Global Future of Democracy – Theo Horesh, 2020

The rise of authoritarianism, coupled with the erosion of democracy, threatens global stability, America’s economic and security alliances, and respect for human rights.

Report of the Task Force on US Strategy to Support Democracy and Counter Authoritarianism – April 2021

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